Development Program

The Premier UK Elite Developmental Program (EDP) offers aspiring soccer players the opportunity to progress to the next level of the PUK Elite Player Pathway.  Combining practices with our PUK Elite team players, sessions incorporate the development of the key skills that make up an Elite player - vision, awareness, first touch, passing accuray and speed of thought.

All sessions are fast paced, encouraging players to think and act quickly.  Players will be expected to cope with high pressure situations, which in turn will allow them to think more calmly in games.  All sessions are weekly throughout the spring and fall seasons and players will receive a PUK T-Shirt.

Those players that impress will be offered the chance to move up the PUK Elite Player Pathway and 

be recommended for a place on our PUK Elite program, which allows players the chance to play tournaments against some of the best teams in North Carolina and the South East region.

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