High School Camps

Our goal for high school players is to place them in a collegiate or professional environment. We pride ourselves on our ability to get players to the next level and our track record of helping players achieve their goals speaks for itself. We currently have two players playing in Spain and another playing in the professional league in Sweden.

The cost of a high school camp is broken down per player to $125 each. This payment will cover coaching for the full week.  Our mission is to build relationships with high schools to help push and develop individuals and teams. The Premier UK High School program provides exposure to players with the opportunity to train and play soccer in keeping up with the best practices used by European and US Academy criteria. Premier UK will push your players to new levels in a fun and challenging environment. Our sessions are designed to improve the players in every aspect of their individual and collective development.

All levels of teams will receive the same high quality coaching. Every team exposed will have specific goals to reach. Teams will train for a full week, prior to the high school season essentially making this pre-season training in preparation. You will train 3 hours a day. See below the times and can choose a specific time for your high school


The Premier UK High School Program molds the weekly plan around what each specific high school team needs and will work closely with the coach identifying the teams strengths and ares for improvement.

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